German dueling sword "Mensurschläger"


This beautiful german mensurschläger  with gold, green and grey coloured guard is in a great condition.  You could easily take it to your next duel. The blade is 86,5 cm long. Total legth 104,5 cm. The handle is made of rayskin with a really good grip.

Dueling was popular in the entire europe til the late 19th century. In Germany dueling was specially common among the students at the universities. After a extremly messy dueldeath in Göttingen 1767 a new duelingsword was developed. The Schläger had the point flat and harmless but the edges was razorsharp on both sides 45 cm from the point and down along the blade.

The dueling was very ritual with a lot of rules. One of the rules are explained by the word Mensur, wich means distance. The duelist was not allowed to move the back foot, thus always remaining in reach for the opponents attack.

The purpose of dueling was to collect some scars, preferebly in the face. This would give advantages later on in your carreer, this brotherhood of men with scars was called "Schlagende verbindung". It is known that even today some german companies only recruit top leaders with scars from duels.

One of the most famous germans from the 19th century Otto Von Bismarck, also known as the Iron chancellor, was a notorious duelist during his time in the university. He fought more than 25 duels!

Mark Twain was fascinated by this form of dueling and wrote 2 chapter about it in the book "A Tramp Abroad"

Even today mensurduels are fought, approximately 1500 -2000 duels are fought annually in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since the 1920´s noone has been killed in this type of dueling, wich ironically makes it to one of the safest sports in the world!

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