Coulaux Fréres Klingenthal 19 th Century smallsword

There is no doubt that COULAUX was the best known entrepreneur of Klingenthal. The Coulaux brothers applied for the job of entrepreneur in February 1801 and the family remainedthe management of the Manufacture de Klingenthal until the firm ceased business in 1962. in charge of  In the new contract of 1823, the government confirmed that the marking Manufacture Royale de Klingenthal followed by month and year was only allowed for swords issued to the government. The other blades issued for other commercial purpose should bear the marking:

Coulaux frères à Klingenthal

The blades and swords for general commercial use were made by the workers of the government manufacturing company for the account of the entrepreneur. This was authorised by the Director (an artilleryofficer) when government orders were not sufficient to provide enough work for the firm. Military controllers were not allowed to stamp these weapons which, in this case, bore the stamp of an employeethe company in charge of the quality control of these commercial swords.
senior of

This smallsword is probably from around 1850's. The folding guard and its mechanism has been seen on many of the dated swords from that period. 

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