Swedish Infantry Sword "Komissvärja M1685"

The swedish komissvärja M1685 was used by the infantry soldiers from 1685 to 1788. That is more than 100 years!
1737 was the last of these swords manufactured. Up till then over 350 000 swords had been made.
This should make them rather common and easy to find. Unfortunately that is not the case.

As a result of the changing infantry tactics of european armies and the use of shorter hangers, already 1735 the infantry started to shorten the blades to 73 cm from the original 90 cm. This became the model M1735.
A great number of swords went back to the blacksmiths as rawmaterial. The navy inherited a great number of them.
They also shortened them from 90 cm bladelength to 73 cm and took away the thumbring. This became the naval cutsword "Huggvärja M1832".
These are the reasons to why the original length is very rare.

Komissvärja M1685:
Total length: app. 106 cm
Blade: app. 90 cm
Guard and pommel in black painted iron with handbar and S-shaped sidebar, thumbring on the inside. Handle of wood winded with brass wire, turks heads in both ends. Some swords were delivered with only leather on the handles.

The pictures below are from my M1685, a sword in excellent condition.


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