SOLINGEN IHN Smallsword 18th Century

Silver hilted german smallsword with scabbard, made in Solingen. This is one of the most beautiful smallswords that I have ever had in my collection! The workmanship and beauty to the silver pommel, guards and handle is just phenomenal!

I have been told this remarkable smallsword is from the 18th century. The blade  is very good for its age, but there are some pitting and dark spots. The blade is marked "IHN _ _ SOLINGEN" in the fuller on both sides. 

The solid silver handle and guard is excellent, with a dark patina. The leather scabbard with silver fittings is somewhat worn, with some cracking and scrapes. The leather is very fragile and appears to have been folded but is not broken thru. This spectacular silver hilted smallsword is a work of art in its highest form!

Total length: 94 cm, Bladelength: 78 cm, 18 mm wide and 8 mm thick at the base. Fuller 14,5 cm. The blade has the shape of flattened diamond.


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