French Dueling Epees late 18th Century

This is a pair of very beautiful french dueling epees from the late 18 th century. During my 15 years of fencing and collecting, this is the second pair I´ve encountered. They seem to be very rare.

Total length of these epees are 105,5 cm. The blades are 86 cm. One of the blades has a stamp FH, the other blade is stamped SA.
The guards and pommels are made of steel with a nice cut netpattern. The grips are made of wood, covered with rayskin and winded with silvered steelwire.

As a fencing coach I can truly understand how these epees were used. They are just like modern sports epees when it comes to balance and weight. Of course they had a more lethal purpose, which makes it even more fascinating. The knowledge I teach as an epeemaster is really what the dueling gentlemen of those days needed to survive! That became very obvious when I first held these old epees in my hands.



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